North Highlands Auction

On May 6th, 2018 From 11:00AM to finish

Preview Days

May 5th from 11:00AM to 5:00pM    May 6th  from 9:00AM to 11:00aM

Address: 4946 Watt Ave

Most Items NO Reserves.

B and C is raffling two $25.00 certificates for any next B and C Event

And raffling two pieces of jewelry*

*Must be PRESENT to WIN

B and C will be auctioning off a VEHICLE at 1:00 PM

(with a RESERVE)


Lot #                                                                 Description

  1. Glass Lamp With Shade
  2. Cast Iron Toys
  3. Glass Lamp NO SHADE
  4. Sterling With Glass
  5. Misc. Coins
  6. Misc. Ale Buttons/Pins
  7. World’s Fair Items
  8. Misc. Small Items
  9. Fountain Pens
  10. Watches
  11. US Political Items
  12. Women’s Brooches
  13. Firefighter Pins, Etc.
  14. Watches
  15. Set Of 30 Presidential Spoons
  16. 42’’ Range Hood
  17. Misc. Box Of Booklets, Papers
  18. White Wicker Chair And Small Table
  19. Sofa Chair (As Is)
  20. Antique Eastlake Chair (As Is)
  21. Breville Juicer In BOX
  22. Kids Playing Mats
  23. Shelf Of Garage Items
  24. Shelf Of Painter’s Items
  25. Copper Bucket And Misc. Garage Solutions
  26. Box Of Misc. Garage Items
  27. Box Of Misc. Garage Items
  28. Box Of Misc. Garage Items
  29. Box Of Misc. Garage Items
  30. Tank
  31. Grey Tarp
  32. Lamp And File Organizer
  33. Camping
  34. Small Oxygen Tanks
  35. Box Or Misc. Chains
  36. Shelf Lot Of Power Tools
  37. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Garage Items
  38. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Garage Items
  39. Shelf Lot Of Wire Baskets, Luggage, Etc.
  40. Sandpaper Display Units
  41. Sandpaper Display Units
  42. GE 1950 Refrigerator (AS IS)
  43. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Garage Items
  44. Shelf Lot Wood Shims
  45. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Garage Chemicals
  46. Wagner Sprayer
  47. Garage Clock
  48. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Garage Chemicals
  49. Wagner Power Roller
  50. Misc. Tools
  51. Box Of Parts (Garage)
  52. TBD Gold Jewelry Item
  53. Rug
  54. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Items
  55. Metal Stands
  56. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  57. Phillips Light Bulbs
  58. Holmes Power Fan
  59. Electrical Cords, Misc. Items
  60. Shelving Pipes
  61. Misc. Garage Items, Masks
  62. Misc. Garage Items
  63. Tool
  64. Motorcycle Helmet
  65. Propane Tank
  66. Garage Tools
  67. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  68. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  69. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  70. Watering Cans
  71. Catalytic Generator
  72. Tool
  73. Tin Cans, Cookie Cans
  74. Auto Parts, Garage Items
  75. Misc. House Parts
  76. Gas Cans, Kerosene Jugs
  77. Storage Bins
  78. Misc. Garage Items
  79. Painter Items
  80. Garage Chemicals, Etc.
  81. Shelf Lot Of Mics. Items
  82. Shelf Lot Of Plumbing Items
  83. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  84. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  85. Sony Radio
  86. Window Screens, Waste Tarp
  87. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Items
  88. Vacuum With Long Hose
  89. Misc. Electrical Items
  90. Exercise Machine, Stepper
  91. Artwork
  92. Artwork
  93. Artwork
  94. Artwork
  95. Artwork
  96. Artwork
  97. Artwork
  98. Artwork
  99. Artwork
  100. Artwork
  101. Artwork
  102. Artwork
  103. Artwork
  104. Geisha Artwork
  105. Wall Clock
  106. Wall Clock
  107. Wall Clock
  108. Mason Jars
  109. Garage Tool Locker
  110. Engineers Drafting Item
  111. Outdoor Umbrella
  112. Orange Folding Tables
  113. Lot Of Garage Items
  114. Metal Cabinet
  115. Garage Tool
  116. Wooden Pantry Doors
  117. Pvc Trim Coil
  118. Green Sofa Chair
  119. Antique Buffet Cabinet
  120. Decorative Plates
  121. Brass Floor Lamp
  122. Lots Of Misc. Paper
  123. Basket Of Misc. Paper
  124. Box Of Misc. Paper
  125. Boxes Of Misc. Paper
  126. White Rattan Entry Glass Top Table
  127. Garage Donkeys
  128. Tables
  129. Hoses
  130. Box Of Misc. Garage Items
  131. Garage Power Tool
  132. Garage Tools
  133. Outdoor Fountain
  134. Boxes Of Garden Hoses
  135. Boxes Of Garden Hoses
  136. Garden Hose
  137. Garden Hose With Cart
  138. Outdoor Fountain
  139. Life Gear Bench
  140. Waterboard
  141. Box Of Kitchen Items
  142. Figurine
  143. Figurine
  144. Figurine
  145. Duck Candy Dispenser
  146. Cast Iron Toy
  147. Mantel Clock
  148. Cow Gravy Cup
  149. Mantel Clock
  150. Tea Set
  151. Mantel Clock
  152. Waffle Maker
  153. Misc. Item
  154. Copper Items
  155. Bed Pans
  156. Misc. Small Planter Pots
  157. Cooking Pots/Pans
  158. Clocks, Silverware
  159. Silver-Plated Items
  160. Rice Cooker
  161. Shelf (Without Items)
  162. Superhero Action Figures
  163. Tray Of Costume Jewelry
  164. Tray Of Costume Jewelry
  165. Disney And Warner Bros Action Figures
  166. Tray Of Costume Jewelry
  167. Tray Of Costume Jewelry
  168. Pez Candy Dispenser
  169. Snow Shovel
  170. Husky Painters Ladder
  171. Front Door Brass Coat Hanger
  172. Vintage Worldwide Postcards
  173. 2 Antique Knives
  174. Wagner Model A2000 Pneumatic Tool
  175. Garage Tool Cabinet
  176. Brass Floor Lamp
  177. Shelf Lot Of Lamp Shades, Tv Tray, Decorations
  178. Shelf Lot Of Bird Houses, Hand Weights, Etc.
  179. Aqua Dots Toys New In Box
  180. Kiwi Ceramic Fruit Cups
  181. Variety Of Toys
  182. Shelf Lot Coca Cola Toys, Misc. Items
  183. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Items
  184. M&Ms Dispenser Toy, Baseballs, Etc.
  185. Toy Cars
  186. Collection Of Baseball Cards
  187. Shelf Lot Of Toy Figurines And Robot
  188. Box Lot Of China
  189. Speakers For Motor Home
  190. Cigar Boxes
  191. Green Trunk
  192. Olive Green Military Trunk
  193. Antique Trunk
  194. Shelf Lot Of Misc. House Items
  195. Tonka Truck And Misc. Toy Cars
  196. Miniature Doll Houses
  197. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Household Items
  198. Wall Masks, Small Artwork, Misc. Wall Items.
  199. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Paper
  200. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Linens
  201. Shelf Lot Of Bags, And Briefcase
  202. Manual Grass Cutter
  203. Weed Cutter/Trimmer
  204. White Book Case
  205. Round Glass Table
  206. Garden Shovels
  207. Brown House Rug
  208. Shop Vacuum
  209. Tall Cabinet
  210. Shelf Of Lard Cans
  211. HC Filter
  212. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  213. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  214. Shelf Lot Of Christmas Decorations
  215. Kenmore Vacuum
  216. Shelf Lot Of Garage Items
  217. Shelf Lot Of Automotive Items
  218. Shelf Lot Of Door Hinges And Garage Items
  219. Shelf Lot Of Misc. Garage Items
  220. Shelf Lot Of Camping Items
  221. Shelf Lot Of Mics. Items
  222. Shelf Lot Of Garage Chemicals
  223. Pet Flat Lids
  224. Child Rocking Horse
  225. Shelf Lot Of Outdoor Folding Chairs
  226. Shelf Lot Of Garage Chemicals
  227. House Light Fixtures, Misc.  Garage Items


Thank you for your interest in our auction.  Below you will find some general information about our auction.

Keep in mind while purchasing:

  • Free Registration and Bidder Number
  • 10% buyer’s premium
  • Courtesy fee if you choose to pay via credit/debit card
  • Sales tax will be added unless you provide blanket exempt form before bill is paid
  • Immediately upon winning your item, take possession of it. Purchases must be tracked by buyer, they are not B and C Estate Sales Inc. responsibility.
  • Absentee services available and must leave a refundable $50.00 deposit.
  • All purchases to be paid by end of auction.
  • Bidding Terms and Conditions:

By registering to bid and/or submitting any bid, you acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions of Sale. This is a legal and binding contract. We thank you for your interest and participation.


  • All items are sold AS IS | WHERE IS | WITHOUT WARRANTEE OR GUARANTEE. We urge you to examine all items carefully and bid according to your own expertise.
  • All announcements made on the day of the auction supersede any other previously announced or published materials.


  • All buyers must register to participate in the auction, are in person.
  • The Auction record kept by Auctioneer and Clerk is final.
  • The highest bidder for each lot shall be the buyer, and if any dispute arises as to any bidding, or between two or more bidders, the auctioneer will have sole discretion to determine outcome of auction of item. 


  • B and C Estate Sales Inc. accepts Absentee bidding for our auction, leaving a valid credit card number on file. This a legal and binding contract.
  • All Absentee bids are executed in a competitive manner and have an equal chance of being successful as on-the-floor bids, yet do not take precedence over any bidding method.
  • Absentee bidding is a courtesy we offer for the convenience of our customers. Although we make every effort to execute your bid(s), B and C Estate Sales Inc. is not liable for any errors, omissions or other.


  • All items must be paid for the day of the auction if the bidder is attending the auction.
  • All successful Absentee bids items must be paid for by 7:00 p.m. on Sunday of the auction. B and C Estate Sales Inc. will call to inform the successful Absentee bid.


  • The 10% Buyer’s Premium will be added to each successful bid.
  • CA State Sales Tax will be applied to each sale, including the buyer’s premium, unless exempted by law. If exempt, you must present prior to auction your valid tax exemption number.


  • No item may be removed, released or will be shipped until full payment has been made.



Most Items NO Reserves.

B and C is raffling two $25.00 certificates for any next B and C Event

and raffling two pieces of jewelry*

*Must bePRESENT toWIN*

B and C will be auctioning off a VEHICLE at 1:00 PM

(with a RESERVE)



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