Types of Appraisals


When do you need a Whole House Appraisal?

If you’re in need of a whole household appraisal it would be under the

circumstances of losing a loved one, personal liquidation, or moving liquidation. We offer competitive pricing and our full attention to your needs.

When do you need an Insurance Appraisal?

If you have items of value, for example, one of a kind precious rarities (artwork, jewelry). This kind of appraisal will be documented with a detailed description along with the current value of the item(s) for your insurance purposes in case of any loss/theft/fire/other damages. To help with appraising your items we carry a membership to research websites. We are CAGA Certified Appraiser Guild Of America.

When do you need a Quick Sale Apprasial?

If you’re in need of a quick sale appraisal is when you are looking into selling the item. Whether you put it in auction or trade-in. We provide you a detailed document of your specified item with its current day value.


Appraisal Steps

  1. Call B and C Estate Sales Inc. for a FREE over the phone consultation or visit us at our future sale with photos or physical item(s). 

  2. We will do a detailed research on your item(s).

  3. Provide you with a formal document of your item with its current day value.

  4. And we hope you consider us for any of your future liquidation needs!