Q. How much lead time is needed to conduct & Estate Sale?

A. If we are not otherwise committed, we can set up and conduct a sale in a weeks time. All negotiations need to be completed and the contract signed in advance of beginning the set up. If the contents are substantial it may take a bit longer. Two weeks is a more comfortable period.

Q. If our family wants to keep some things will it affect the Estate Sale?

A. It is normal for the family to separate and retain items. The balance of a sale can be affected when the family retains most of the more interesting or valuable items. If the value of the property intended for the sale falls below a certain threshold, it may render the sale unproductive.

Q. How can we help the liquidation process?

A. Decisiveness is a big help. Assemble all interested parties at the time of first meeting or have them available by phone. Determining what property the family is keeping in advance of calling in the Liquidator is helpful. It can be difficult to offer concrete recommendations if this feature is still pending. Presenting the site in a safe, clean and orderly state is essential to the success of the sale. Your participation in site preparation will help reduce costs

Q. How do you advertise the Estate Sale?

A. We use a combination of newspaper advertising, select web sites that generate a very large response, our extensive data base and a fabulous array of signage to generate local interest and assist in getting the public to the property.

Q. What distinguishes your service from others?

A. Our flexibility and our comprehensive options. We will recommend a course of action, but are entirely open to your preferences. Closing down a family home or dealing with a loss is demanding. We are accustomed to adjustments in the process and will address any concerns in a sensitive and pragmatic fashion.

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