Types of Appraisals

Market Value Appraisal

This document is informational in nature, and typically serves the client by helping establish value in anticipation of purchasing or selling property or simply understanding the value of an item. It is also used to determine specific facts about an object such as maker, age, condition and country of origin.

Replacement Value Appraisal

This document is used in valuing property in order to secure casualty insurance. Additional considerations are given for the effort and costs one might entail to replace an item if it is lost, stolen or otherwise becomes subject to a claim.

Damage/Loss Claim

This document is used in determining the present and possible future value effect of damage sustained by an object. It assists in resolving casualty insurance claims.

Appraisal Process

During the initial examination we will:

  • Conduct a thorough examination of the property.
  • Review the condition of the property.
  • Take detailed measurements and notes.
  • Photograph property, if requested.

After the initial examination we will: 

  • Research and study the subject property.
  • Assign value to the property.
  • Describe the property in a formal report.
  • Deliver the final document.

What you can expect from us:

  • Professional and courteous answers to your questions.
  • Complete descriptions of the property.
  • Duplicate reports, if requested.
  • Photography service, if requested.
  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Email or faxed copies to additional parties.
  • Support in a legal dispute.
  • Responsiveness to you needs.

What we will need to prepare the appraisal:

  • Any previous photos.
  • Any previous appraisal reports.
  • Sales receipts, if available.
  • Pertinent family history or provenance.
  • History of repairs or damage.
  • Payment for time spent in the initial examination.

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